Insurance solutions designed to protect earthmoving contractors.

Expert earthmoving insurance advice

Earthmoving insurance

Earthmovers are potentially exposed to significant liability risks and large machinery losses, this means that finding specialised insurance solutions is of upmost importance.

We offer expert advice and prompt service; with all the experience necessary to provide you with the market’s most competitive earthmoving insurance quotes.

We are also able to manage any insurance claims that might arise following the implementation of your tailored earthmover insurance policy and we conduct ongoing insurer negotiations. We see our role as protecting your business from unnecessary financial loss and we will take whatever measures are necessary to achieve the ideal outcome for you.

The team here at Insuregroup have conducted research into the insurance needs of earthmoving businesses and we recognise that there are a whole range of circumstances specific to your business, in which unexpected costs can arise.

We have given each of these factors a great deal of consideration and taken several steps that enable us to take a targeted and subjective approach to managing your insurance issues. Our team has had extensive experience in the industry and this – when coupled with our access to some of the industry’s leading technology – allows us to provide you with insurance solutions efficiently and effectively.

Our service is prompt and combines expert advice with a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer you competitive quotes. With access to over 100 insurance markets through our online database, you can be assured that the quote you receive will be the most cost effective and cover competitive option on the market.

Some of the benefits of our service include:

Targeted insurance products

Targeted insurance products

Targeted insurance products including public liability insurance and plant and equipment insurance.

A dedicated team

A dedicated team

A team dedicated to providing excellent service, insurance solutions and even claims management.

Ongoing insurer negotiations

Ongoing insurer negotiations

Ongoing insurer negotiations to ensure the upmost in competitiveness for premiums and cover.



Monthly payment options for your convenience.


Our targeted method of bringing you cost competitive earthmoving equipment insurance

To bring you the upmost in service and the most competitive earthmover insurance solutions, we strive to ensure that our process is entirely subjective and based solely upon your needs as an individual business. We understand that the earthmoving industry is very dynamic; the needs of any two businesses are likely to be unique and for this reason we consider it important to approach each client on their merit. To make sure that we do this with the upmost proficiency and professionalism, we have carefully developed our process to account for each of your individual needs.

To achieve this, we are sure to engage with you and discuss your needs to establish the types of cover your perfect insurance policy will have to include. Our services are centred exclusively on the nature of your earthmoving operation and this guarantees you the most personalised and specific solution from our extensive database of insurance markets. Our team consists of some of the most proficient experts in insurance and this enables us to perfect our service process and address your requirements with unmatched efficiency.

1. Fill out our online form

Our online contact form consists of a series of very detailed questions that are aimed at getting to the heart of your earthmoving business. Our aim, with regard to this form, is to precisely ascertain your needs in intricate detail. To guarantee you the most comprehensive insurance cover possible at the most competitive prices, we need to familiarise ourselves with your operation to a considerable extent. We see our role as protecting you and your business from generic and poorly suited insurance products and to achieve this, we need to understand every aspect of your operation to identify insurance policies that address them.

2. We will determine the ideal solution for you based on your information

Once you have completed the online contact form, one of our specialists will review your details and, based on their findings, begin looking for suitable earthmoving insurance solutions. We have an advanced online system granting us access to over 100 insurance markets – both nationally and internationally – and our experts spend a great deal of time inspecting this database for the optimum earthmover insurance solutions. Because of this, we are able to accurately and efficiently identify suitable earthmoving insurance policies that the market has to offer and each of our findings will be based solely upon your needs as an earthmoving operator.

3. We will present you with a quote

Following our assessment of the market’s most competitive insurance options, we will identify the one that perfectly address your needs and subsequently, one of our experienced specialists will formalise a quote for the insurance solution in question. We will then collate the necessary information and ensure that it is in a succinct and accessible format; we are of the strong opinion that technical language and jargon can make the process unnecessarily complex and for this reason, we will ensure that our information is presented to you in the most clear and forthright manner possible. Our team will then send you a copy of the quote via email, so you can view at your convenience.

4. You can review the quote and accept it if it appeals to you

We strive to deliver the most efficient and prompt service – in fact, our service operates 24 hours a day – and as a result, your quote should arrive in a prompt and timely manner. Once you have reviewed the quote, you can send an email in response to confirm the policy and bind the cover with insurers for 12 months. We recognise, however, that a new insurance policy is quite an investment and you might want further information before committing. If this is the case, we welcome any queries you may have and our experts are more than happy to provide you with clarification on any points that are unclear. We believe that you deserve to be presented with all the information necessary to make an informed decision and our experts endeavour to remain available to provide you with all the details you need.

Please call for an excavator insurance quote

Alternatively you can request a call back via our contact us page.

Earthmoving Equipment Insurance FAQs

How long does it take to get a quote?

The time that it will take us to provide you with a quote can depend on your situation. Some quotes do take longer than others, as we may have to negotiate with insurers or request additional information from our customers. We do, however, believe in fast, efficient service and because of this, you can rest assured that your dedicated broker will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Are monthly instalments available for earthmoving insurance?

Here at Insuregroup, we understand that many businesses prefer to make payments in monthly instalments for reasons of convenience. Because of this, we offer monthly instalments and ensure that this option is available to all of our customers.

When will insurance certificates be provided

We will issue you with a certificate of insurance promptly following the finalisation of your payment. These can be issued in electronic form, so as to ensure the fastest possible turnaround.

Will Insuregroup negotiate with insurers on my behalf?

To ensure you are getting the most competitive prices, we will negotiate with insurers at both the new business stage and the renewal stage – we have access to over 100 insurance markets nationally and internationally and this gives us considerable leverage.

Does Insuregroup assist with claims?

We strive to deliver the most comprehensive service to our customers and this includes assisting you with claims form lodgement to settlement.