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Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes Online | Heavy Vehicle Liability Insurance Australia

Truck insurance experts Insuregroup

Insurance solutions for truck and transport operators Australia Wide

Affordable Heavy and Commercial Truck Insurance

Transport operations is a tough business – working to tight deadlines, staying on the road longer and keeping business costs low. Getting the right commercial truck insurance is of paramount importance, but getting the right cover for the lowest available price isn’t always as easy as it should be. Here at Insuregroup, we understand that choosing the right insurance for your trucks is critical to help you avoid added expenses and inconvenience – the longer you spend off the road the more money you stand to lose.

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At Insuregroup, we have access to over 100 national and international insurance markets – and we combine this with prompt service and expert advice. We source and provide tailored, truck insurance products Australia Wide and we’re one of the commercial trucking industries’ favourite insurance brokers.

To help you, Insuregroup offer easy online insurance solutions for Truck Insurance. We pride ourselves on offering quick, comprehensive and highly competitive truck insurance quotes; all of which can be accessed through the quick and easy online forms via our website.

Most importantly, we specialise in the insurance of trucks and transport, so you’re guaranteed a tailored truck insurance product at the lowest available prices! Don’t pay too much, find an affordable heavy vehicle insurance solution today.

The insurance package includes some of the following features:
Truck insurance

Truck insurance - comprehensive

Our truck insurance policies are an absolute essential for all truck drivers, transport companies or those involved in the trucking industry. Truck insurance provides you with the assurance that your truck is covered in the event of a road accident, as well as any other parties’ vehicles that may be involved. We can provide tailored and effective commercial truck and heavy vehicle insurance solutions for both long haul and short haul operations – simply enter your business information online via the ‘get quote’ button below to receive a quote and correspond with us via email!
Public liability insurance

Public liability insurance

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for claims to arise against truck drivers or transport companies on behalf of individuals who have been adversely affected by incidents that often occur throughout the course of daily operations. Public liability insurance is a safeguard against claims of this nature and it’s known as a ‘litigation cover.’ Essentially, public liability insurance can ensure that you are financially protected in the event of a claim against you, your company or your truck drivers. An Insuregroup expert will assist you in finding the most competitively priced and extensive public liability insurance policy. Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind throughout all your operations. To access our truck insurance experts and WA truck insurance professionals, simply enter your business information online via the ‘get quote’ button below to receive a quote and correspond with us via email!
Carriers Transit Insurance

Carriers Transit Insurance

In the unfortunate event of an accident, drivers risk not only damage to their vehicles, but also damage to their cargo. Carriers transit insurance ensures that you, your drivers and your company are financially protected should your load sustain damage during transit. We don’t limit our policies to cargo damage during on road incidents alone. Our experienced specialists can assist you to find a carrier’s transit insurance policy that also covers damage to your load as a result of fire, theft or loading and unloading. Additionally, you will be insured for damage that might occur to the goods of another party as a consequence of an on-road incident. To access our carriers transit insurance experts and WA carriers transit insurance professionals, simply enter your business information online via the ‘get quote’ button below to receive a quote and correspond with us via email!

The Insuregroup truck insurance process – insurance solutions on demand.

In order to meet the demand for fast, simple and convenient truck insurance Australia wide, we’ve developed an insurance process capable of providing you with all the information you need – including an insurance quote within 24 hours. To achieve this, we offer a simple and user-friendly online quote form that requires a few simply details to generate the most competitive and applicable quote in the market.

To provide you with the solution you need within such a short timeframe, we have implemented a short and highly effective system, which is outlined below:

1. Provide us with your business information for your truck insurance australia

Simply provide us with your business information online we’ll take care of the rest to find you the most competitive quote for your QLD truck insurance and WA truck insurance.

2. We will locate the most competitive and applicable truck insurance quotes

We’ll scour the insurance market to locate the most competitive and applicable quotes from a vast network of insurers. This will typically take no more than 24 hours.

3. We will present you with the best available quotes

We process the best of the available quotes and draft an email with the relevant details.

4. Detailed email

You receive the email detailing the most competitive truck insurance quote available.

4. Finalise contract & accept quote

From this point, all that is required to finalise the contract is acceptance and payment via email or telephone – the entire process can be streamlined to a mere 24 hours.

Our process allows us to provide you with the best insurance solutions for your trucks, drivers and goods, in the shortest time possible

You can click get quote to recieve correspondence via email

Alternatively you request a call back via our contact us page.


Are monthly premiums available?
Yes, we can arrange monthly payments. Easy and stress free!
How long does it take to effect cover and produce certificates?
The time taken for insurers to confirm the cover request is generally no longer than half an hour. We only engage specialist insurers who specifically insure truck and transport operators. We demand the best in quality and reliability and for this reason we have access to over one hundred national and international insurance providers. Being specialists in truck and transport insurance, you can be confident our insurers will respond in a prompt and proficient manner, allowing us to deliver much quicker truck insurance quotes than many of our competitors
When will insurance certificates be provided
We will issue you with a certificate of insurance promptly following the finalisation of your payment. These can be issued in electronic form, so as to ensure the fastest possible turnaround.
Are the insurers licensed in Australia for truck insurance?
At Insuregroup, we demand the upmost in quality and expertise from all truck insurers. To ensure that our standards are met, we only use insurers that are licensed to operate in Australia, with all necessary accreditations. This means that the insurers are monitored stringently by ASIC and APRA – the Australian Securities and Investment Commission and the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority respectively. This gives our customers peace of mind!
What about Insuregroup?
At Insuregroup, we have no affiliations with any insurers, so you’re guaranteed that we act solely in your best interests – our service is transparent and honest. This means when we search through the truck insurance policies within our network of insurers, we select only those offering the most extensive cover for the most competitive available price!