Truck Insurance Brisbane Queensland by Insuregroup

Are you a truck or transport operator based in Brisbane QLD looking for competitive business insurance? Insuregroup are experts in insurances for the transport industry.

• Specialist and expert advice
• Access to over 100 local and international insurance markets
• Members of industry bodies such as Steadfast Insurance
• Award winning licensee Westcourt General Insurance
• Competitive insurance premiums with monthly available

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Operating a truck and transport business comes with significant financial risks particularly if you operate in Brisbane or South East Queensland. This region is home to some of the most dangerous highways and road traffic which can prove a costly experience should an unfortunate incident arise. Insuregroup understands the risks faced by Brisbane and Queensland truck and transport operators and negotiates daily with insurance companies to deliver competitive outcomes for customers.

Some of the common covers we negotiate on behalf of our customers include motor insurance, marine carriers transit, personal accident and sickness and public liability insurance. These covers protect Brisbane and Queensland truck and transport industry customers in the event of an unforeseen incident which may leave the business with significant costs, of course this is subject to the full terms and conditions of any truck and transport insurance policy available in the market.

Insuregroup does the legwork on behalf of its customers so trucking businesses can get on with the job of trucking and leave the insurance to the experts.

Why choose Insuregroup for your truck and transport insurance in Brisbane Queensland?

Insuregroup is a specialist privately owned online Australian business with access to over 100 local and international insurance markets. Insuregroup negotiates daily with local and international insurers to ensure Brisbane and Queensland truck and transport industry customers obtain competitive outcomes for their insurance needs.

How does a truck and transport business obtain an insurance quote?

Simply log onto to our online quote forms and complete the questionnaires, we then take this information to insurance companies and obtain quotes from the market.

How long does it take to receive the quotation?

Our service times are between 24-48 hours, depending upon the complexity of your insurance requirements this may take longer.

Does Insuregroup shop around?

We negotiate daily with specialist truck and transport industry insurers to deliver competitive outcomes for our customers.

Are monthly installments available?

We understand cash flow is important to Brisbane Queensland truck and transport industry operators and we offer a monthly instalment plan on all quotes provided.

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