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Working under contract as a driller can be both rewarding and challenging. So be sure your business investment is protected by choosing the right drilling insurance – Australia wide!


Comprehensive insurance cover designed to protect your drilling rigs, support trucks and vehicles, tools and equipment.


Insuregroup is a specialist insurance supplier for the heavy equipment industry with expert and specialist advice. We have processed over 5000 policies since Inception.


Delivery of fast insurance solutions to ensure you can get onto site and fulfill finance obligations.


We have a suite of covers for plant and equipment operators such as commercial and industrial machinery cover, downtime, financial loss, and public liability.

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Stirling is fantastic, prompt professional and efficient. We couldn't be happier

Ebony Grima Avatar Ebony Grima
December 27, 2023

We have had Insurnace with Insuregroup for 2 years now and Stirling always goes above and beyond to help you and tries to get you the best deal possible.

Niki Grant Avatar Niki Grant
November 10, 2023

Sterling provided great communication and service.Thank you

David Lawrence Avatar David Lawrence
November 10, 2023

Very quick and easy. Great help settling up policy. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get insurance

Salvatore Costa Avatar Salvatore Costa
November 10, 2023
At Insuregroup, we have access to over 100 national and international insurance markets – and we combine this with prompt service and expert advice. We have identified the needs of drill rig operators and we have drilling insurance that caters to these needs specifically.

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Drilling insurance package includes some of the following features:

Comprehensive drill rig and equipment cover

Comprehensive drill rig and equipment cover

Comprehensive cover on the drill rig itself including accidental damage to the truck that may be the result of fire, theft, water damage, or on road accident, with additional features to cover other vehicles on the road.
General liability insurance

General liability insurance

General liability insurance to cover injury or property damage – to other businesses or the general public – that was a result of your business operations.

Our approach to sourcing suitable drilling insurances.

At Insuregroup we take an interest in the precise nature of your business; unlike many insurers we demand insurance solutions that are specifically tailored to our customers. To achieve this, we seek to engage with you and discuss your needs so as to ascertain the types of cover your ideal insurance policy is likely to need.

Our service process is centred solely upon you and the nature of your drill rig operation and this ensures that you get a personalized and targeted insurance solution.

1. Complete our plant equipment operators questionnaire

Our drilling rig and plant equipment operators questionnaire is a very detailed series of questions that are designed to help our team assess the nature of your business and the insurance needs that are likely to arise throughout your operation. You can fill out this questionnaire through our website and doing so provides our insurance specialists with a clear and detailed point of reference. With this information available, our team can begin searching through the hundreds of insurance products that our database has to offer, so as to find the perfect cover for you.


2. Our insurance specialists will formalise quotations for you

Our dedicated team will review the information that you presented to us through the online questionnaire and identify the key features of your business that will require specific attention. We will use this to locate the perfect insurance solution and the quotations for this will then be formalised by our insurance experts.

3. We will collate the questions

Once all of the quotations for any prospective insurance solutions have been formalised, our team will collate them into an accessible and easily understandable format. We do this because we are of the belief that our advice should be as straightforward and as clear as possible; we acknowledge that technical language and jargon can make the insurance process far more difficult than it ought to be and because of this, we maintain a transparent and honest approach.

4. Our specialists will present you with the quote

The quote that has been collated for you will be processed by our team and sent to you via email, for your convenience. We demand the upmost in punctual service for all of our prospective customers and because of this, our experts work hard to have your quote presented to you in a timely and prompt manner; we understand that you are likely to be busy and the last thing you want is to receive slow or ineffective service.

5. You can consider the terms of the policy and accept via email

Once you have received the email containing the quote, you can review the terms of the policy and if they appeal to you, we encourage you to accept the quote by sending us an emailed response. We understand that a new insurance policy can be quite a significant decision and because of this, we strive to remain accessible to you – our team is on standby and you are welcome to call us with any queries you may have about your quote. We have a wealth of experienced, qualified specialists who are only too happy to address any points of concern or confusion; we believe that you ought to have access to all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

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How long does the process take?
We believe in providing our customers with excellent customer service and we strive to respond to your needs within 24-hours.
Can you produce certificates of insurance immediately?
Yes, we can provide electronic certificates of insurance for you in a prompt and timely manner. We do require payment prior to issuing the certificates, however.
Does Insuregroup shop around extensively?
Insuregroup has access to an advanced online database with over 100 insurance markets available to us both nationally and internationally. We regularly research the markets on our system to ensure that we are quoting the most cost effective and cover competitive drilling insurance and drill rig insurance available. We understand that your needs are unique and we will deliver an insurance product that is tailored to suit you.
What if I need to know more about insurance covers?
Choosing an insurance policy is quite a significant investment – it is important to feel informed and involved in the process and our team recognises that you might want clarification on a few points before committing to anything. If you feel you would like to learn more, we invite you to call us on 1300 760 552 so our friendly team can answer any queries you may have.