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Due to the technical nature of operating heavy plant machinery, earthmovers are potentially exposed to significant liability risks and large machinery losses. This means that finding specialised insurance solutions is of upmost importance to ensure the financial security and safety of earthmoving equipment operators.

Insuregroup are the specialist insurance brokers for contractors working in the earthmoving, transport and civil construction industries, and understand your insurance needs. We help hundreds of Australian earthmoving equipment operators with insurance solutions every year – get in touch with us to find out more.

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We have numerous covers available to protect earthmoving business owners including comprehensive insurance with standard theft or public liability insurance.


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Insurance Covers we typically recommend for Earthmoving Contractors

1. Public/Products Liability Insurance
2. Heavy Plant and Equipment Insurance including items such as Mini and Large Excavators, Bulldozers, Bobcats, Skid Steer Loaders, Crushers, Screeners and other miscellaneous Equipment used in Earthmoving Operations.
3. Cover for Earthmoving Attachments such as Buckets, Rippers, Augers, Tilting Hitches
4. Truck and Transport Insurance – Such as Water Trucks used in Civil, Tippers for cartage of Earth and Soil, and other trucks used in connection with Earthmoving Operations.
5. Commercial Motor for Utilities and Sedans
6. Management Liability Insurance including cover for Statutory Fines and Penalities such as Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Practises and Directors and Officers Cover plus much more.
7. Miscellaneous Mobile Tools Insurance
8. Fixed Property Insurance for workshops and base of operations

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With access to over 100 national and international insurance markets we can source all of the above plus additional covers required at your convenience.

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With access to over 100 national and international insurance markets we can source all of the above plus additional covers required at your convenience.

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