Trailer in control essentially covers a trailer in your possession owned by a principal contractor. Say for example you are working for a well know transport company and they ask you to cart one of their trailers. This is trailer in control where a third party owns the trailer and you carry it for them on their behalf with their goods in the trailer.

How do you purchase trailer in control insurance?

Trailer in control is a supplementary cover for comprehensive or third party property damage of a prime mover motor policy. So, you need to purchase insurance on the prime mover and then you will have the option to include trailer in control insurance, as cover for trailers the prime mover is carrying.

Some insurers such as Zurich, NTI, ATL, and Global Transport include trailer in control insurance as standard. As at the date of this article, here is what they include:

Zurich – $75,000
NTI – $70,000
ATL – $100,000
Global Transport – $75,000

Depending on your contractual requirements , these can be increased anywhere from $150,000 up to $300,000 per trailer.

Are hire trailers covered by trailer in control, say under a lease arrangement?

Unfortunately no, trailers in your possession under a hire or lease agreement are not covered by trailer in control, it is specifically excluded.

If you would like advice regarding trailer in control, speak to an Insuregroup representative about your requirements,