Insuregroup is a specialist insurance broking company aiming to provide expert advice and negotiation skills to companies with trucks, plant and equipment integral to their operations.

Why do we consider ourselves experts?

  • Stirling Sanderson the founder of Insuregroup and was an underwriter in Underwriting Agencies of Australia (UAA) before becoming a general insurance broker.
  • UAA is the largest specialist provider of plant and equipment in Australia and working in this business was integral to Stirling’s knowledge.
  • Stirling was engaged in the underwriting and the claims process, discussing with brokers the nature of the product and claims. Negotiating payouts with brokers and clients to an agreeable outcome. Understanding the process within the insurer is integral to negotiating the insurance at the broking level.
  • Beyond UAA Stirling has been a general insurance broker for over 10 years working alongside small and large fleets of plant and equipment and guiding these businesses through the negotiation and claims process.

Why is it important to be a specialist?

  • Understanding a product as a broker thoroughly is important. Having a background and working within a niche gives a greater understanding.
  • Bargaining and negotiation, we negotiate with insurers at both underwriting and claims time. Having more business in one area will allow us stronger negotiating power.

Why use an insurance broker? It’s tempting to go directly through an insurance company.

  • As your business grows and your business needs grow it is important to have an expert on your side.
  • A common myth of direct insurers ‘cheaper on price’. There are over 100 insurers in the wholesale market that consumers don’t have access to, and brokers are proactively bargaining with these insurers to deliver competitive premiums.
  • Why don’t these insurers deal directly with consumers? They don’t have the sales force or the human resources to deliver the products and handle the enquiries.
  • Brokers assist with claims. Whilst brokers don’t do all the admin if something goes wrong you have an expert on your side to negotiate.
  • Brokers negotiate improved cover. As insurance experts we are constantly reviewing the covers available, and the claims paid to ensure consumers are getting fair outcomes. Brokers don’t want upset or disgruntled clients; it is in our interest to ensure our clients receive fair outcomes.

We are an Australian small business, why is this important?

  • We pride ourselves on being local and small. Often when companies become too big it’s not about the client or the service its about the wages, perks and profits.
  • You will have the mobile number of the broker and can text or call at your convenience. We do not have automated phone services. We do ask though if you can formulate an email for a simple request this will allow us to schedule our workflow.
  • Clients have the same broker for claims and sales. Often larger brokers will delegate claims service to a separate claims team. Our brokers are accountable to the claims and sales process.

Members of Steadfast and licensed by Steadfast subsidiary CBN

  • We are members of Steadfast and licensed by their subsidiary CBN. As a member of Steadfast we gain access to market leading technology and advice on claims and regulations. Having access to great technology and technical claims advice assists us to deliver fast services and claims negotiation.
  • Being licensed by CBN we outsource our trust account management, systems, and professional indemnity insurance. This enables us to focus on our expert broking and claims service. CBN assists us to drive down operating expenses by aggregating these costs. We are then able to pass these cost savings onto our clients.

Long lasting business relationships, why is this important?

  • Established in 2014, many of our clients have been with us since the beginning. As an Australian small business, we aim to provide cover within client’s expectation at a cost competitive arrangement. You may consider dealing with a large corporate company to save a few dollars one year but the next year you may just be a number.
  • We know our clients and are accountable to there insurance and claims journey. We understand their business and we hope you will get to know us.

Thankyou for reading our blog post.