Public liability insurance covers ‘the business’ listed in your schedule. If your business is not accurately defined here, then the insurer has rights to decline cover for the activities not listed. However only if the activities are radically different and could not reasonably be considered not part of ‘the business’ listed in the schedule.

Say for example ‘the business’ is listed as truck driving, and you do some concreting works on the side. The insurer would most likely exclude cover for the concreting because it was not listed in the business activities.

It is better to be safe than sorry and list all the business activities of your business in the schedule so if you have a claim there aren’t any issues with the insurer.

Your broker may have a hard time negotiating a single public liability policy to cover a lot of occupations if you are a jack of all trades. This is because insurers have an appetite or preference for difference things. Some insurers like concreting, some insurers like truck drivers but often insurers will not like truck drivers or concreting together.

Therefore, it may be beneficial to have two different public liability covers so that all your occupations are covered at a reasonable cost.

Therefore, it is important to have an insurance broker / expert on your side, so you don’t get caught with these small issues.

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