Have you considered cyber insurance?

With the rise of interconnected technology solutions, businesses are now more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks.
Insuregroup has access to cyber event protection insurance cover which can respond to the following events:

Web app attacks
Insider and privilege misuage
Physical theft and loss
Payment card skimmers
Denial of service
Cyber espionage
Miscellaneous errors
Cyber extortion
Point of sale intrusions

What protection is available in the cover?

1. Losses to your business

Costs and revenue replacement cover

Example: Business interruption and cyber investigation expenses

2. Loss to others

Sums payable, inc/ regulatory fines, penalties, and defence costs

Example: Breach of privacy laws, fines and penalties

3. Cyber event response costs

Costs incurred through event response and management services

Example: Credit and identity monitoring, customer notification costs, data restoration and securing costs, cyber extortion costs, virus extraction.

4. Contingent business interruption

Costs and revenue replacement if external supplier suffers a Cyber event

Example: Business interruption

Key elements of the cover

Limit up to $10,000,000 available

Cyber event claims response

– 24/7 cyber breach support
– Global cyber expertise
– Global business interruption expertise

To obtain a cyber risk insurance quote or obtain more information, please contact Insuregroup on 1300 983 940

Here’s a short video on cyber risk insurance:

Insuregroup: Experts in insurance