Insurance brokers hold insurance companies to account

Insurance brokers are the trained experts who deal with insurance companies every day. We know the people in the companies, we have bargaining power and we understand the policies. If there is an unfair exclusion or condition we bring it to the insurers attention and move business away from them if they don’t make an effort to change.

Insurance brokers assist in the administration

If you’re a time poor business owner (which most are) an insurance broker will complete documents, collate information and negotiate with insurers. No need to spend time on hold to insurers, all taken care of by your insurance broker.

Insurance brokers negotiate claims

Come claim time, if you have an issue with an insurer, wouldn’t you want  an expert on your side? Insurance brokers have the right contacts and bargaining power to negotiate with insurers, and explain issues.

Insurance brokers are most often small businesses and AUSTRALIAN

Given insurance companies are massive corporations due to capital requirements (cash in the bank) brokers are mostly small and local. Support Australian business by using an insurance broker.

Insurance brokers make you aware of new products

Being in the industry daily and discussing with insurers, brokers will learn about new products FIRST. By using a broker you will be closest to an expert to educate you on insurance matters.

Insuregroup are expert insurance brokers and an Australian small business.

If you find a comparable price between a broker and a direct insurer you are better off with a broker on your side.

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