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Excavators are a vital part of many business operations and that means they are frequently used in circumstances that can expose them to considerable risk of damage. Excavators are a very expensive investment and any damage that might result from unexpected operational accidents can cause a significant financial loss to your business.

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Comprehensive excavator insurance in Australia

At Insuregroup, our primary aim is to provide you with the most competitive excavation insurance.

Whether you operate large excavators on massive worksites or mini excavators in the civil construction industry, Insuregroup are here to help you with all your excavator insurance needs in Australia.

Once of our foremost priorities is service; we are dedicated to operating efficiently, effectively and professionally so that you are not left with any stress or confusion. We have access to hundreds of insurance markets, both in Australia and worldwide, and we are committed to quoting the market to find the most competitive insurance solution for your excavator. We have a great deal of experience in our industry and we are familiar with the needs of excavator owners Australia wide.

Insurance for excavators? We’ve got you covered.

Insurance for mini excavators? We’ve got you covered.

1. Complete an online form through our website

We offer an online form comprising of a series of detailed questions, which is the first step to obtaining the most cost effective and cover competitive excavator insurance on the market in Australia. These questions are aimed at getting to the heart of you excavator insurance needs and we use the information that we collect to assess the different options that might be available to you. This is a part of our tailored, subjective approach to insurance and it is this aspect of our service that allows us to provide the most cost effective and appropriate insurance cover for your excavator or mini excavator.

2. We will negotiate with insurers to generate a competitive quote

Using the information you provided us in the online form, we will scour our insurance markets to find the most suitable insurance solutions for your excavator. We will then approach the insurers and negotiate the terms of the policy, so as to get your excavator the most competitive cover, for the most affordable price.

3. Our experts will correspond with you and discuss your options

When we have collated the quotes from various insurers, we will assess them and decide upon the ones that offer your excavator competitive coverage for the lowest price. This information will then be collated by one of our experts in insurance so that we can present you with your prospective insurance solutions. We are of the firm belief that technical language and industry-specific jargon has no place in our correspondence with customers; it often does little more than complicate matters and create confusion. For this reason, we will make sure that your options are presented to you via email in a clear, concise and forthright format.

4. You can review the quote and accept it, should it appeal to you

Once you have received the quote – which should arrive via email as soon as possible after you lodge your application – you can review your options. We understand that committing to a new insurance policy for your excavator might require some additional consideration, however, and we strive to make ourselves available during this stage as well. Our experts can be contacted, should you have any queries, and are only too happy to provide you with any extra information you may need. Our role during this stage is to provide you with all the details you need, to allow you to make an informed decision that is in your interests.

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Excavator Insurance FAQs

How quickly can I obtain a quote?
The time taken to provide you with a quote will depend on your circumstances, however as a general rule, customers who adhere to the guidelines will receive a quote within 24 hours and will be able to bind the quote instantly.
Can I pay monthly?
Our insurance contracts cover a 12-month period, however we do offer monthly instalments to suit your convenience or budget.
Does Insuregroup assist with claims?
Here at Insuregroup, we strive to provide a comprehensive service and this includes assistance with your claim management – from lodgement to settlement – as well as negotiation on your behalf.
Will Insuregroup negotiate with insurers on my behalf?
To ensure you are getting the most competitive prices, we will negotiate with insurers at both the new business stage and the renewal stage – we have access to over 100 insurance markets nationally and internationally and this gives us considerable leverage.
Does Insuregroup scrutinise the market?
With access to over 100 national and international insurance markets through our online database, we are well positioned to shop around for competitive quotes and even negotiate with insurers at both the new business stage and renewal, to bring you suitable and cost effective excavator insurance solution.