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Making a claim is easy! We’ll manage it from lodgement through to settlement, ensuring it’s straightforward and stress free.

Please complete the claims form below and our friendly team will be in touch.

In an emergency after hours situation, please call 1300 983 940


Important information

Non motor vehicle claims: a loss description will be required, including the date and time of the loss, as well as the cause and extent of the damage.

Motor vehicle or plant-equipment claims: the extent of damage to your vehicle and any other/s involved will be required, including information describing the location and circumstances of the accident.

Helpful tips


  • Take photos
  • Call the fire department, ambulance or police if necessary
  • Take all necessary steps to protect your property and evacuate all people from the situation
  • Remove any undamaged goods and company records from the site, but ONLY if safe to do so
  • Have a security company secure the situation if necessary
  • Never admit liability even if you think you are at fault
  • Report the incident to Insuregroup, as soon as practical, but preferably within 24 hours.