What’s available in the operators package?

Comprehensive machinery or vehicle insurance – comes in two forms, cover for the vehicle or machine itself and other parties’ vehicles or property on road.

The package caters to all types of equipment includes utes, sedans, trucks and mobile machinery.

General liability insurance – protects an operator’s business from claims made by third parties because of an accident arising from the operator’s business activities.

Hired in equipment insurance – If you hire in equipment from other parties, hired in equipment insurance provides comprehensive cover for that gear whilst in your possession.

Carriers transit insurance – if you carry other parties equipment on the back of your truck this cover will extend to the other parties assets you are carrying should an unfortunate incident arise.

Management liability insurance – the essential cover for management of private companies for claims such as employment harassment and discrimination claims, breaches of directors and officers duties, occupational health and safety breaches, financial mismanagement.

We can also facilitate the placement of property and personal insurances outside of the equipment operators package.

Disclaimer: the above are very brief explanations and are the brokers opinion only, please always read the full terms and conditions of any insurance policy provided by Insuregroup.

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